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Non-Professional Detail - 335xi/G35x

My (335xi) wasn't too bad, had the normal swirl marks from the winter.

My friends G35x was in really bad shape. Lots of swirls and scrathes everywhere.

I wish I got before pictures, but I didn't. The G35x pictures were taken with an iPhone.

I used the following:

- Mother's Clay Bar
- PC 7424 (yellow, white, black pads)
- 3M Compound (If needed)
- 3M Swirl Mark
- 3M Machine Glaze
- Blackfire Wax
- Wheel Wax
- Clear Pearl II
- Hot Shine

After a good wash, I started with claying. Then I put down 3M compound (the G35x needed it, mine did not). I then followed up with the 3M Swirl Mark remover, followed by the 3M Machine Glaze. All of the the previous steps were put on with the 7424 on a setting of 5 and 6 (depending on the paint correction needed) and then removed by hand. The wax step was put on and removed by hand.

Wheel wax was used on the wheels. The tire dressing used was Hot Shine.

The final step was to spray down the car(s) with Clear Pearl II to remove any product residue.

Microfiber towels were used for all product removal
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