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Ppl keep neglecting the little stuff that gives hotrod the results he gets.For one he's on the melter map which is around 17-18psi.2nd he's a hell of a driver to get consistant 60fts (under 2.0).3rd his car is well adapted around the MS109 when he takes it out to the track.4th,conditions are usually in his favor.and Last but not least,he had some mods to reduce his weight.It really isnt a mystery anymore..he came out himself and said it.Reason no one else is getting the same results(but come close) is for all the reasons mentioned above..and I think track prep and weather make the biggest difference.Not all of us live in areas where track conditions are favorable.Not to mention,Warren aka hotrod unlike some of us, is a crazy son of a bitch for running these maps with no support mods