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Originally Posted by LilWhiteOne View Post
So i ask a simple question of how much boost was run on these 120 runs and get called a troll? Like i said guys, its pretty basic, 3500 plus lbs needs to put down some serious power to get into the 120-121 range. I'm not doubting these times. I would just like to know the truth about the boost level. Warran has done this multiple time on a stockish car and claims to be in the 370-380 range. Other memebers are popping 400 plus dynos left and right and trapping lower. Its just a lil wierd, cause 370 will def not hit 120 plus in the traps unless you own something thats around if not under 3000lbs. We have bob vader or the srt8 guy both running QUICK with xi's and both in the 116-117 range fully bolted. We have takeone busting out a 119-120 run on a fairly stocking car, then we have terry himself hitting 120 on a fully modded car tuned by himself, while i saw a guy with jb3 map seven on drag with bms dci/rr cattles dp and cpe catback go 12.40 @ I know different track and different conditions play a huge roll, but not that huge of a roll. I can see 2-4 mph based on conditions, but have a tune only guy 121, and another go 110 if that, thats HUGE in my mind. So what makes some guys fast and other bitch about how slow they are? i dont even care about the et to be honest, im mosty a trap speed guy myself.
I agree with just about all that you are asking. I think its important for everyone to know what other drivers are running and what mods they are using to get those traps. In hotrod's case it has to be a) more boost than anyone else on as high of octane as possible b) less weight c) good traction d) good driver

he is not running supporting mods at all, so there is only one way he is going to make more power, crank up the boost....a ton. He's obviously ok with that so more power to him. I was I guess too chicken shit to crank up boost that far even with every supporting mod available. Highest I ever recorded at the track on race gas was 16.1psi, and that ended in a limp at the 3rd -> 4th shift running JBx...later found a boost leak which probably caused it.

I for one cant wait to see other 335's and 135's, hell even a 535 running these kind of traps more often. I hope the n54 keeps kickin ass for a long long time.