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saldanah easter drags top end run

Hi everyone
Just a quick comment on the recent LEGAL Saldanah drags, 11 April 2009.
The event was very well organised and I hope the Saldanah municiapaility and the charities that benefitted from the event would consider making this an annual event in the same format. The BMW club of Cape Town was well represented and made us proud on the day with their beautiful cars and the wins. The day started off cloudy, misty and windy but became warm and clear at around 10am. Most folks were at the strip by around 3 -4 am already. Felt sorry for the racers who had to sleep in their cars and did not look very sharp on the day. But I guess that is all part of the fun and excitement.

Pity there were no 335's participating including myself - next time for sure.
The guys from Zeemax did well on the strip and in organising us to attend. The evening before the race only 80 cars and 5 motor bikes were officially registered to race but I think there were about 10 odd bikers on the strip and many more vehicles.

Can someone tell "suspect" in his lumina SS that "power is nothing without control"?

The only thing that pissed me off was the traffic cops ticketing some of the registered racers just as they entered the gates for not having their legal number plates displayed - does not make any sense - can understand if you were out on the public road. Anyway, all things considered the event went well.