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Originally Posted by jrave View Post
are you just wanting the acceleration? or are you concerned with the brand?
I'm saying because while I love my 335i, my EVO VIII was better at every performance mark (acceleration, cornering, everything except gas mileage). My Evo was pretty heavily modified I'll grant you, but it was still cheaper than the Audi or the BMW.

It wasn't nearly as nice, and yes, there was no warranty, but anything that runs 12.4 on the drag and can seat 4 adults isn't bad.
Nah im not concerned with the brand at all. I actually had considered looking at EVOs at one point, but I just think I want a little more luxury in my car, heated seats, leather, etc etc. Just a tad raw I think, if i had the money to get a "racing" car and still have a daily driver, Id definatley look into it. Thanks for the insight though that is a pretty sick car