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Originally Posted by mikem View Post
Carl, just seen your thread on EvoT. Your 60` time of 1.9s is 0.2ish s quicker than your best time before but overall time is only 0.2s quicker ? did you miss a shift or something ?? What was the 1/8 time and speed mate ? With that 60` you should`ve scraped into the 12`s.
Mate my best 60ft before was 2.0, i hardly improved it with the 1.9

Ias a tenth quicker at the 8th mile and 2 tenths at the quarter.

Originally Posted by XKaLiBaR View Post
Video wont show, but if its the vid ive seen before of a E46 M3 running a 12.6..?

Its on drag tyres with a racing driver behind the wheel and with approx 380bhp!

Stock M3's (E46) In UK rarely dip below 13.7, but I have seen a stock ones do 13.5 with good driver.

Originally Posted by RockIt View Post
Sorry, but don't get this Pod's a straight line?! Where's the skill. or the passion for driving? So the car is fast in a straight line. Great. How does that fill your balls?

You aint even been on any track in your car have you, Hilarious comment

You should have been at the Pod when we all went. Quite a bit of skill involved maximising a cars potential off the line.

Great adrenaline rush too.

And i love track too, still love the drag strip.

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