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Mr. Fred Bell posted this on the DMVR board...figured I would share here in case anyone was looking...

The BMW Club is hosting a Photo Rally - open to all, and no entry fee.
In this type of rally, you're given a route to drive, and a stack of pictures that (mostly) show things that are somewhere along the route. Your challenge is to locate as many as possible of the items. No tricky course-following rules or time-speed-distance calculations - just find the items pictured.

Registration is from 9-10:30 at the Visitor Center of Living History Farms. The route itself takes about 1 3/4 hours to drive (at the speed limit), and you'll probably spend at least another 30-60 minutes stopping to look for things along the way. Even the most diligent should be done in about 3 hours.

We'll have a post-drive gathering at the meeting room in the Tavern II in West Des Moines, starting at about noon. Prizes and other comments to be announced at 1:30 or when all contestants have arrived. Lunch is Dutch treat.

Contact Jeff Daly ( to get the pictures emailed to you in color the night before, or suffer with B&W handouts from registration on Saturday. I strongly recommend color!

Yes, this is probably my 1st and last informative post on here. I like to postwhore is all...