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Originally Posted by red-max
40mpg - you must have been driving carefully, I admire your self-restraint.
More like stuck in a 45-50 mph train on a single carridgeway and not wanting to over rev the engine attempting any overtaking. One morning last week I the OBC was still showing 54 MPG, 23 miles after filling up!

Originally Posted by red-max
"Loves driving, hates garages" - borrowed from an old VW ad (I think).
I think that was the Citroen BX...long dusty road with a garage in the middle of nowhere. Gargae owners gets all excited at a getting a rare customer and the BX just sails straight bye..I bet its on your tube somewhere

Originally Posted by red-max
I just found out my 335d has gone into production, and might be delivered mid November, rather than mid December as originally quoted.
Mine was orginally due to arrive next week, then they said 14th Oct then it was actually in the country for the launch date of 23rd Sept. Something to do with me not ordering Sat Nav
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