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got a bit of a question regarding this kit.

my assumption was that the alpine loom linked into the original wiring loom.

after receiving my kit, and the seeing the connectors, it appears i have to actually cut wires.

my question is. say i take the sub for example. if i cut the 2 wires going to/from the sub, do i connect the amp onto the 2 wires going to the sub rather than the ones to the headunit? or... do i then crimp the +/+ wires into one end of a connector, and then attach the alpine kit into the other end?

EDIT: after delving into the cars loom a bit more, i found the 2 joints each side to split and link into.

its all fitted and sounds a lot better now.

for those that have it fitted or know their stuff, when i turn the radio on after the cars been turned off for a little bit, it takes a few seconds to get sound through the amp driven speakers. is this just the amp powering up? or is something wrong?

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