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Originally Posted by bsd107 View Post
Is there any way to do this retrofit without splicing any wiring in the car?

I'm going to replace my front dash ashtray/cigarette lighter with the sunglass holder. It occurred to me that after I unplug the current front cigarette lighter, that wire and plug would now be free to power rear console outlets. Is there a harness that can be used to run the power from the front cigarette lighter power cord (which will now be unused) to the rear console to power the dual rear power adapters?
Sure! I constructed a "jumper" harness for the rear outlets using Radio Shack connectors. The connectors required a little bit of whittling to fit, but they work fine. It would be even easier to construct an extension cable to plug into the front ashtray power connector.

I kept my front power outlet for the Garmin and used the ashtray space to mount the V-1 display. I don't smoke but on occasion I do speed.

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