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For Brian my buddy Kyle was able to get some sweet pics as always. He always gets to see the cool shit. lol

Originally Posted by 1320Video
Background story: I was in Atlanta to film the annual Megasquirt convention for the 'squirt guys and towards the end of the day a guy showed up and was showing pictures of F430's he'd taken, I found out from him that the Ferrari Challenge ( was at the road course about 20 minutes from where we were staying!!!!

I spent an hour that night trying to re-book my flight and didn't accomplish anything. Tried again in the morning, nothing.

So I had it all figured out, or so I thought...

Flight leaves - 10:30
Gates open - 8:00
Time to get to the airport from Road Atlanta - 1hr 5 min
Time I left - 8:35
Time I actually checked in - 9:52
Time I needed to check in - 9:50

DAMNIT! Oh well, made it home only 2 hours late via stand by!

So about the cars... I got to the track and wasn't real excited about paying $20 to look at cars for 30 minutes so I talked to the security gaurd and he said "here's your early Christmas present (see first two pictures), big thanks to him and Road Atlanta for that!

So I head to the pits, totally ignoring the enclosed pit area where the real $$Money$$ is at, and headed to the main area to find a sea of F430's getting ready. There was about 30-40 F430's

-- Find some more commentary in between pictures:

I think right about here is where I jizzed in my pants the first time

The last trailer I stopped at had a 350 and a brand new Ferrari California on display, pretty cool to see!

I asked the guy that was there where the FXX's were I'd heard about and he pointed me to the enclosed pit area I drove past earlier.

Here's where I jizzed in my pants the second time

In the enclosed pits I found 3 FXX's, 2 F1 cars and some other Ferrari powered race car, possibly some sort of kit? I'm not sure.

This is where I jizzed in my pants the 3rd and 4th time (warming up the F1 Twin Turbo car)

I do have some video of the twin turbo F1 car and the kit car warming up, as well as one of the pit crew going over how to use the FXX tuning/diagnostics software that comes with the FXX's