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HPF Chris

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Exclamation Just got my 330i and 530i. Turbo Kit Coming Soon

I mentioned earlier on this forum that we would be building turbo/intercooler kits for the 330i and 530i. In order to get the options I wanted I had to special order the cars. But... I finally now have both cars.

We'll begin our turbo kit development in about two weeks once we put some miles on the cars.

I got one of these with a stick and one with an auto, and after driving both for a couple days, I definitely like them. The 330i with a stick seems to have a bit of oversteer whereas the 530i corners more comfortably. Neither car has any body roll with the suspension upgrade. I definitely like the auto in the 530i and actually prefer it over the stick. I live on a slope behind a gate and love the cool brake feature that engages when you go to shift into first on an uphill. Both cars could use more power in my opinion. I still roll away from a light faster than most but would prefer to have more power down lower in the rpms rather than having to get high in the rpms to reach the sweet spot in the power band.

Here are a couple pics.

I'll post our progress on this forum as time goes by.

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