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Originally Posted by E92Fan View Post
I'm not whingeing mate - everyone knows what modifications I've done to my car, and I'm not begrudging Carl for choosing the tyres that he did. I've not once complained about his choice - I'm more bemused by the fact that he doesn't make any mention of this mod. Strange as it may seem to you, I'm one of the people who's constantly encouraging Carl to get into the 12s, and trying to work out a way for him to do it consistently. I take the piss out of him because I know how hard he's trying!! I also know how he is trying to compare his car to mine, which in itself is a futile exercise given they're totally different machines. He has been making a point of how quick his car is over 60ft, and I totally agree that it is. However, my point I'm trying to put across to him is that the tyres are giving a distinct advantage there, and one that he cannot (as he seems to be doing) ignore.

Make comments where you see fit, but please try do understand the full salient points of a situation before taking a side, whichever one that is!!


Carl has done a great job to get down into the 13.0's but in order to do this he has taken his car one step further than any other 335d drivers and added super grippy R888's, so whilst Carl doesn't have the most powerful 335d he is able to use more of it's power and translates that into a good time. His previous best on normal tyres was 13.38 so it shows what an impact the tyres are having. LSD aside Carl might still break into the 12's, but he'll just need all things to go right on the day. All good stuff.