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Originally Posted by beskone View Post
They seem much brighter than the RD's but in full sunlight they do look like they do the "disappearing halos" trick as well.

The HID's I have are bright enough to reflect off the back of other peoples cars, in full daylight. Not sure if you'd be able to do the same with these.

I do really like that they don't require a separate wiring harness, or ballasts however.

The disappearing halos issue you are referring to will always happen when you are using a 5000k light color, since it is virtually the same color temp as sunlight at noon. When sunlight reflects off of the rings during the day, it is reflecting the same color that the LED's are. The HID's may seem brighter during the day since the color is not competing with the color of sunlight (5000K-5500K) and because the inner ring is far too bright. My experience seeing the HID's on other e92s in person, the inner ring is significantly over lit, to the point of being blinding when at eye level