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Originally Posted by MonacoBimm
My car does the ticking noise when i accelerate from 1rpm to 2rpms. And sometimes when I am turning at a full angle, it starts to tick. It is the mettalic ticking noise I heard. But mine does not appear whe the car is in idle. What could be this? One member here told me it was the Double Vanos? And that it happened in both of his e90s and M car?
Your abnormal noise seems to be similar as what I have reported as below:

my 320ise seems to emit a slight rattling/vibration/clicking sound at 2000-2500 rpm. couldnt figure it out where the source is running fine when it gets to 3000rpm and above. Wont hear it if I m driving in the city but once u r drivin thru the quiet area the sound is pretty audible

thot it was the engine belting, initially...still cudnt get use to the 'diesel' engine sound for my beemer...japs car is refine in this area...