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Originally Posted by FazerBoy View Post
Nah, I don't think so. They will void the warranty on any failure of a part related to the modification - but modifying the suspension won't void the engine or drivetrain warranty.

Yeh, ok engine and drivetrain should still be OK with suspension mods.

Have they confirmed that in writing? I asked about fitting the E90 BMW performance suspension to my E91 (they don't make an E91 kit), hoping that would be OK as its 'approved parts'.

Even that would void the warranty on all problems 'that could be attributed to overly firm suspension', including he said all unsprung items (hubs, wishbones, control arms etc) brakes and ABS and steering rack etc. Also even interior fit and finish issues, along with electronics failures 'due to vibration'

It also voids the GAP insurance I took out, which to honest concerns me more that the warranty. I looked at loads of GAP policies and they all exclude any non approved mods.

I'm probably going for the DMS mod, i'll tell my main insurers, but i'll take my chances with the dealers, they'll never know.
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