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50mm AF-S or save for 17-55? (Nikon)

I currently have a D60 with the kit 18-55 VR (F3.5 - Fxx, IIRC) and 55-200 VR (F4 - Fxx, IIRC).

I'd like to upgrade the lens, but I don't really want to spend the money unless it's a good upgrade (i.e., if I need to spend more, than I'd rather just wait)

Right now I can't justify spending the $1k+ that the 17-55 would run, and I'm thinking the 50 mm prime (FX) AF-S F1.4 may be a good addition to my bag, especially for indoor/low light shots.

Your thoughts? Obviously, with the D60 I need to stick with AF-S lenses... I'll upgrade someday, but not right now)