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Detailing Advice

Hey everyone,

How goes things? The dealership washed my car last week leaving mico scratches all over it. You can only see them in the sun at certain angles but they drive me crazy. I just bought a flex with lake county pads ( Blue, Black, White, and orange.)
My question:
What pad combo and product would you recommend? As far as Polish, Glaze, and I have a bottle of jetseal for seal I just need help on the others. And the process. You remove the product after the polish with a MF towel right?

I've watched videos on you tube for technique, because I know it requires skill.

These are the steps right?
1.Wash CG citrus wash.
2. Clay Clay Magic Fine or Medium?
3.Polish What do you recommend?
Then do I wipe the polish off with a MF towel?
4.Glaze same apply and wipe off with a MF towel?
5.Seal Jet Seal wipe off with MF and let sit over night
6. P21 Wax

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for taking your time to read this,


Please PM me if you can help me get started I'm really new to this.