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since you have the pads already, i'd recommend one of the two combos

menzerna SIP via white or orange
menzerna 106FF or 106FA via white or black

I'd use 106FF with white if you used orange first.

the other combo is...

menzerna power finish PO203S with white or orange
menzerna PO85RD with black

PO203S on orange to PO85RD would be a big jump though...

If you're open to buying new pads though, I'm willing to bet that detailersdomain's power finish combo will work great for you. Here's a link to the product

The green pad will give you a good amount of cut and it finishes well. In combination with a polish that cuts like SIP and finishes well, PO85RD is the next logical step. Blue pad finishes even finer than black pad, so you'd be set if you get that kit.

Since 32 oz of product costs roughly 40 dollars for 32 oz each, this kit is only about 20 dollars more for supplies and products that will definitely be good enough for you!