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Originally Posted by kevbhoy View Post
So, outcome of re-visit to garage...

They have managed to get the mileage in the service info reset which is good. However, I still have the red car on the lift, the handbrake light still remains on and I still have the exclamation mark in the triangle next to the odometer.

So, I called the BMW dealer and spoke to the service dept. They think it could be a diagnostics problem (I didn't mention another garage changing my brake pads lol) so it is booked in with them a week on Monday to have a look.

Hopefully it will be a simple reset. Unfortunately, the car is no longer covered under warranty so fingers crossed I don't get a huge bill!!!

Did you get this fixed? I did this tutorial to fix a license plate light error and Service due error and now I have "Car on Lift" and E-Brake light staying on all the time.

Any have any ideas??