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Originally Posted by ahnh77
...everybody made it sound so easy....

1) removing the a/c vent and cover piece holding the switch..took me a minute with no tool...i was able to just stick the tips of my finger on the right side and release it...than openned the door and did the same on the left....removing the switch panel was even easier using both hands...

2) removing the clip..okay...after reading all 11 pages...i guess i have to some how rotate the gray piece...i don't know...i tried rotating the gray piece in all directions...haven't had any luck....came back to my computer to read all the many pages....gotta try it again...

3) removing the switch from the trim piece...omg...what am i doing wrong?...i'm holding down the clips...trim piece is not moving....ah...i gotta give it another try later...
Yes - that got me too - I actually broke the clip - which doesn't seem to matter - it is a pretty snug fit.

You actually rotate the grey clip as I remember - it's like a 'handle' - pull it up - away from the switch and it will rotate liek a handle. Does that make sense?