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Send a message via AIM to ahnh77 Send a message via MSN to ahnh77 Send a message via Yahoo to ahnh77 removing the a/c vent cover and switch panel took about 1 tools required...remove the a/c vent panel first....than lower switch panel....

while driving to work...i was able to push down on the top to unclip the black stopper that was holding the gray handle...enabling me to push the gray handle to the side releasing the wire wasn't hard at all....another minute or less

at a stoplight....i was able to unclip the lower (shorter clips)....just push down and push in your fingers to gently push up the holders on the can hear a small "pop"....after you remove both lower clips...the rest just comes right off....another minute....

Originally Posted by turpiwa
Yes - that got me too - I actually broke the clip - which doesn't seem to matter - it is a pretty snug fit.

You actually rotate the grey clip as I remember - it's like a 'handle' - pull it up - away from the switch and it will rotate liek a handle. Does that make sense?