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I've test fitted my lip to my car. A note to others, you may want to cover the portion of your stock bumper with thick scotch packaging tape if you want to avoid scuffing it up during the test fitting. to get the lip on you need to start at one wheel well, and then move across the bumper sliding it over the closest pillar, then the next pillar, then pull in into the other wheel well.

I trimmed a little off of the lip on the two pillars to make it fit better, but still find the top of the lip on the pillars to be a concern. It just seems to me that they won't be totally flush when it's taped on and will stand out. Does anyone have any close up pictures of the areas I've circled in red in the picture below on their car so I can see how their install looks? I also showed a closeup, but remember, it's not taped yet, if I push it hard against the bumper it is slightly better.

Also, take a look at the picture of the OEM hartge lip, and you'll notice those areas have a totally smooth transition. Has anyone been able to duplicate this when installing the replica lip? Do you think they had those area's filled with bondo/filler and then repainted the whole bumper to get that smooth transition look?

Closeup on the top edge of the left pillar

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