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Mod your self, or at least your driving habits:

- reduce weight: don't carry around anything extra (unless car pooling). Don't keep your golf clubs in the trunk.

- reduce acceleration and braking: accelerate smoothly (no fun), but more importantly, avoid slowing down in traffic more than necessary, where you'll just have to speed up again.

- reduce speeding: your car will have an ideal RPM and speed range to travel at. Beyond that, your fuel consumption will increase. I'm guessing that it's around 110kph. Beyond some speed (say 120kph) you'll burn more fuel per klick.

- reduce idling: never ever idle, not to warm the car up, not to buy coffee, not even at a long stop light. Some lights are 2 figgin minutes long! It's seriously easy to push the start button.

- reduce drag: drive with the windows & sunroof closed, and keep your paint clean & waxed. A/C use can be less expensive than drag.

- reduce neutral coasting: your engine will use less fuel if you coast to a stop in gear than in neutral - many people don't realize this about modern cars

Personally, I don't care much about the cost of fuel - it's more the hate of getting screwed at the pump by a corrupt system, and having to stop for fuel when I'd rather just drive straight home for BBQ and read this forum