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Originally Posted by TTurboBullett View Post
according to the posted data the OP said that the turbos were good for 42.25lb airflow 1 lb airflow is good for approx 10hp SO 42.25x10= 422.5hp

peak boost is shown in the middle of the map as 2.7bar (2.7 x 14.6psi = 39 - 14.6(atmospheric pressure) = 24.8 MAX PSI)

max boost at max flow/choke point is 2.2 bar (2.2 x 14.6 = 32 psi -14.6(atmospheric pressure) = 17.52 PSI BOOST at choke point)

once someone translates the map to either CFM or Lb/min and puts some efficiency % to the islands I can get as TECH as you want

Anything missing?
Two things:
- Firstly, I was the OP.

- We may be saying the same things here, but the key correction that's missing is efficiency. It may create 24.8psi of pressure, it's important to consider how much of that pressure is heat and how much is actual density gain. Also, we cannot dismiss the pressure drop across the intercooler.

In short, this information is not suggesting that these turbos should be running at 24psi peak and 17 by redline. Peak efficiency is well below these figures.