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Originally Posted by DMETune View Post
Two things:
- Firstly, I was the OP.

- We may be saying the same things here, but the key correction that's missing is efficiency. It may create 24.8psi of pressure, it's important to consider how much of that pressure is heat and how much is actual density gain. Also, we cannot dismiss the pressure drop across the intercooler.

In short, this information is not suggesting that these turbos should be running at 24psi peak and 17 by redline. Peak efficiency is well below these figures.

I think we are definitely stating the SAME things here. I stated we need efficiency information and to use the engines displacement, rpm and volumetric efficiency to plot where end users are pushing these turbos. If someone can get the efficiency percentages I can do all of the other calcs. Lastly all the data I posted was compressor outlet pressures NOT intake manifold pressure.