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Please advise on my procedure/products

Hi guys, I just got a JB 335i and I'm trying to figure out what my detailing procedure will be for the next year or so.

My constraints:

- I'll probably only have time to wash the car every 2 weeks or so
- I'm a complete newb. I've washed/waxed cars before, but have never used clay, polish (or polisher), or sealant. I'll probably be washing/waxing/polishing by hand to start and eventually wandering into clay/polish in the next 6 mo-1 yr as I have more time.
- I'm trying to keep the total cost of stuff I buy this first round under $200.

I've read a lot of the posts in the forum, and was thinking about doing the following:

1) Buy the wash and dry starter kit from DI ( and wash per their instructions

2) Buy either Jetseal or Klassee AIO for protection (do either come with an applicator, or do I need to buy one separately? If separately, please recommend one from DI that I can use by hand)

3) Get a quick detailer to use in between washes and to get rid of bird droppings, bug smear, etc. I'm thinking either Poorboy's Spray and Wipe, Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer, or CG Speed Wipe Quick Detailer

4) For wheels, P21S Total Auto Wash + MF cloths (Costco sells a 50 pack for $30) to get the grime off. If I get JetSeal, I guess I'll use that as the wheel sealant (can I use Klasse AIO on my wheels as a sealant?).

5) Is there anything else I should think about (given my constraints)

6) Can anyone recommend a professional detailer in SoCal that would be willing to detail my car in about a year (wash, clay, polish, remove swirls, etc)? I saw the results of work done by FMINUS and just

Thanks for everyone's input!