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Originally Posted by msinfo_us
Dropped my car at BMW yesterday and got call from service manager today. The good news they were able to hear ticking noise. So, they are working on a car then submitting info to BMW NA. Interesting how this system works: for this type of repairs all decisions are up to BMW NA it seems (according to service manager). The dealer service depo is only responsible to diagnose the problem than BMW NA makes all the decisions. Option with "new motor" came up a few times. It is not final yet but I am not sure how I feel about it at all. Last time I was assured that this is a minor thing, no effect on engine and kind of no biggy. All talks about staff on top of the engine and etc. Now it sounds like there is a possibility of replacing entire engine???? That does not sound to me as a minor repair .... rather like a major one, right? So, I can't help it but wonder why? Also, I don't know if I am comfortable with this idea at all. I mean new engine!!! Is this car gonna run like new? Can even local service guys do the same quality work as BMW manufactory? Obviously, local shop does not have all the high tech staff like robots and etc, right? I am afraid that after such a drastic measure my car won't be the same and I'll end up a frequent quest to repair shop especially after the warranty is over. What do you think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Sounds like they opened up a PUMA case (PUMA being what they call it when BMWNA gets involved). They did the same thing for mine as well...

... but I wouldn't count on getting a new engine out of this, basically because I just don't see how that could possibly be cost effective for them. All the repair work would indeed be 'on the top' of the engine, meaning under the valve cover, not inside the block. Even if you had the worst case scenario and your camshafts were bad, I still wouldn't see how an engine would make sense vs replacing the affected parts. On the other hand, if offered a new engine, I wouldn't balk at it either. Hey a new engine is a new engine! Just make sure to ask if they'll reset your powertrain warranty

...Now, an update on my own car's ticking. It's been basically two weeks since the one day I heard the ticking, and I haven't heard the noise again since. I am very happy about that! (though knocking on wood too, lol).

As a side note, I got mad when I heard the tick. The next morning when it was still making noise, I got pissed and told my car that I was going to call her 'ticky' for as long as she was being noisy. Then I proceeded to flog the hell out of the engine on my morning commute (after proper warmup of course). When I came out for lunch, the noise was gone.... lol

(and no, I am not reccommending that people do the same to their cars)
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