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Originally Posted by Serjames View Post
There are two sets of cats on these cars. The Mods tony (and others ) Have done only remove the front set.

We've then re-located the Lambda sensors behind the secondary cats, so the computer see Catalysed exhausts... nifty really

There seem to be definite differences between how the lambdas work on the US models versus the Uk ones we've played with. For instance the "lambda sims" that the US guys use and wire into the ECU to trick the lambda sensors DO NOT seem to work on our cars, both mine and Tony's still caused limps, hence why we re-routed the sensors themselves.


Jimbob I think you're right - the different emissions requirements I think are requiring the secondary lambda probes on US cars to return a differenet voltage than what the UK/European cars are expecting. Hence why I think the O2 sims that we got from the States actually pulled the ghost voltage too low and we ended up with limp modes. Relocating the secondary sensor behind the main cats is actually a much more elegant solution, as it doesn't require any buggering about with the ECU wiring.