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I say NO. I paid > $300 for the aFe DCI and ran it for several months...liked it (especially the louder "whoosh" of air being sucked in I heard when I stepped on it, but never really knew if it made more HP/TQ. Well, I recently put my oem stock intake back on (with the BMC drop-in air filter) and although I don't hear that "whoosh" sound anymore, it seems like the power is the same or possibly more due to slightly cooler air coming in through from the front grill and SwoopScoops. I say don't waste your money; it still seems like these DCI's don't do all that much, imho. Just look at guys like Hotrod182 and a few others who run ridiculous 1/4 mi. times and traps with their oem intake.

Sorry for the "not so simple" answer; just thought you would want to know a little more background info.

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