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Exclamation Cool Carbon Brake Pads Installed! (Coupon Code Included)


Here’s my situation…I’ve been running the Rotora Caliper kit with EBC yellowstuff pads for approximately a year and the braking was outstanding. I’ve tracked my car a couple times and the results have been great. Unfortunately, I’ve had to go back to the OEM brakes because of some personal sacrifices, so I was thinking that if I’m going back to the OEM calipers I wanted to make sure that I was going with a superb pad and wanted to make sure that the pedal feel was as close to what I had with the Rotoras. This is why I chose Cool Carbon brake pads with ECS stainless steel brake lines. I kept hearing that Cool Carbon brake pads were the ultimate street/track pad. People will say that it’s impossible to make a track pad that is great for the street and vice versa, but I truly believe that Cool Carbon has done it!

I installed the mid lines from ECS a while back and the quality was top notch and the fitment was perfect, so when it came to picking a SS front and rear set there was no other option.
My write up on the ECS mid lines is here:


I’ve never received brake pads that had a “wow” factor before I installed them. The way the pads were packaged in their individual boxes and the overall display of the pads was surprising. It’s very obvious right away that one is getting a high quality product.
In the past, every time I ordered a set of pads (regardless of manufacturer), the pads come either shrink wrapped together or rubber banded and thrown in a box.
So I’m thinking to myself, is the performance as nice as the packaging?
Notice also that the pads are not beveled like the OE pads. This means that there is more pad, to create more friction on the rotor.




I’ve done quite a few brake installations before, so I knew what to do and what to expect.
If you are installing brakes for the first time then you can follow my DIY that I wrote a while back here:

Resurfacing the rotors isn't necessary all the time but I definitely needed to do it this time since the OEM pads uses more of the width of the rotor than the Rotora calipers. If I wouldn't have done this then the Cool Carbon pads would have worn unevenly.

It seems like the only bad reviews that I’ve read with the Cool Carbon pads have to do with noise but if you take the proper steps when installing the pads, you will have no squealing whatsoever.
It is extremely important to use an anti squeal solution to the backing of the brake pads and a synthetic grease to the ears of the brake pads. I have always used CRC Brake Quiet to ensure that the pad doesn’t vibrate against the brake piston.
There is a misconception about brake pad squeal and where it comes from. Many think that the squealing of their brakes is the pad against the rotor but it is actually the pad vibrating against the caliper.
There are detailed instructions on the Cool Carbon website about this as well:


First off…It’s important to properly bed in the brakes to get the maximum life and maximum friction out of the brake pads.

So I’m out bedding in my new brakes and I’m trying to figure out why the pedal isn’t fading after the 6th stop. I do the 7th and 8th stop and still no fade! 9th stop and 10th stop and now the pedal starts to feel a little softer but the brakes are still fine. I smelt them after the 12th stop and then stopped with the bedding process.

We’re talking about 12 stops from 70 mph to 20 mph with hardly any fade!
When bedding in my EBC yellowstuff pads, I would experience fade after the 8th stop so I was really blown away! We’re talking about OEM single piston floating calipers getting more consistent stops than a 6/4 piston setup with another high friction pad!

I’m trying to think about how the heck a brake pad can be so good with the first stop of the day and also be so good at the 12th consistent stop from 70-20!
How do they do this?
The secret is a 3 part formula where every part has their own overlapping temperature range. This means that the pads work very well when cold, and continue to work really well at much higher temps without any fading.
Not only is the temperature range so wide, the pads have been known to clock over 40k miles on a single set.

The pedal travel also feels extremely good with the Cool Carbon pads. Even when I compare the pedal feel to the Rotora calipers. There is great feedback when applying the brakes. OEM pads have great initial bite but then if you heat them up there is a fine line between not stopping hard enough and activating ABS. The OEM pad is more like an On/Off pad meaning that it works great initially and then push them a little more and then you’ve just locked them up. Cool Carbon is very linear; The harder you push, the better you stop! In addition, the hotter you get the Cool Carbon pads, the better the friction gets.

The bottom line is that these Cool Carbon pads really are the ideal replacement pad.
- They are a low dust pad.
- The pad is stable in cold temperatures and temperatures over 1100 deg F!
- It’s a quiet pad.
What more do you want?

Thank you so much to Cool Carbon and ECS for making such great products! You can get the stainless steel 6 line set from here:

You can get the Cool Carbon pads from here:

Just and FYI…Steve at AutoIndividual is offering a 15% discount right now on a full set of these Cool Carbon brake pads. Just enter the code exactly as shown (without the quotes) and you will get the discount. The discount code is “BFEST09” The Discount code for the month of July is "pano709"

I’ll be adding more information after I go to another track event, so I’ll keep you posted with what it was like.

Here are just a couple pictures of them installed. Nothing special, but pictures are always nice.
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