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Ages944 I am happy to hear your car is ticking free. BK, Ages944, thank you guys for your advice. I do feel better about engine replacement now if it will ever come up again. So far they heard the ticking noise than it disappeared on its own (it does this often enough but never stays noise free for long in my case). They wanted me to take the car since there is no noise therefore no problem now -- that is the way they see it. I asked them and they agree to continue to troubleshoot until they find and fix the problem hopefully for good. I don't want to wait another month for appointment and at this point I am no longer convinced it is a minor problem that has no long term effect - so, I am not letting this go until it is fixed with new engine or without. One thing I am not getting so, they tried to fix this three times already -- bunch of parts and tons of labor. Would not it make more sense to just replace all relevant parts and call it a day? This way they don't have to go thru a long and I would assume expansive labor hours and they have a happy customer that will continue to buy cars from them. What am I missing?