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And when you blow it up, the repair is how much?

Thats part of the dispute/discussion here. The price to pay on replacement parts and labor.

Its funny, because I was in the VAG arena for a while. Saw lots of blown stock turbos with chips. Sure, some turbos fare better than others. But there was a fairly large amount of people replacing the stock K03s. In fact, I've done 2 on a 1.8T Passat since the guy bought it 2 years ago.

You will always have factory freaks. It happens.

We have seen turbo failures here, hell I found a thread earlier talking about premature failure running high boost on the 335s. I didnt read much into it though.

What it comes down to is, run the boost as HIGH AS YOU WANT IT. Be ready for BMW to prime their rubber penis when something fails.

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