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Originally Posted by smdandb2 View Post
Well, compressor maps have NOTHING to do with the safe limits of the engine.

Compressor maps are all about the turbos.
If you want to go "semantic" turbos are part of the engine... and their failure can harm also parts of the block, exhaust intake and so on.

BTW the calculations are quite similar to the one I posted...and I agree on the fact that over 13psi at 6500rpm are too much.

I think that calculations over 6500rpm are nonsense under the assuption we can realistically make (and this is the reason why I'm not considering boost to redline). Please consider that at 6500rpm DME starts to close throttle valve, so volumetric efficiency is hugely reduced, no matter the pressure ratio.

The sound in the video you posted if for sure abnormal... but for "level" not for "kind". The same noise is present (barely noticeable) on several stock cars at turbo spool on light throttle between 1500 and 2500 rpm.

Here on the board turbo failures are very, VERY rare... (maybe two in three years) and not always related to excessive boost.