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Originally Posted by smdandb2 View Post
You specifically said the safe limits for the engine, not the turbos. Yes, a turbo failure COULD damage the engine, but at the same time it could simply turn into a smoke factory. The engines safe limits are unknown right now, and no stock compressor map is going to tell you where that is. A bad spark plug could damage the engine too, but there is no map for that. One day someone could make 800hp on a big single on the N54, we just don't know yet.

Its all assumptions at this point. You assume one way, I assume the other. Even at 6500rpm, its off the charts at a 90% VE. And a 90% VE is probably on the low side for the N54.

Its bad, especially at that volume. There is no way that is acceptable.

Seems as if someone else has already chimed in there.

And as someone else said in another thread I was reading... what good would it be for anyone who has had any catastrophic failure to go reporting it here? Makes no sense at all.
Maybe I have problems in writing correct english (I'm Italian).

Obviously I was meaning with the word "engine", "the part of the engine called TURBO" (semantic...).
I think that here almost everyone knows what a compressor map indicate.

For the rest of your post I can't see any reason for hiding a turbo failure... unsless Shiv is payng for that (and I do not think that is the case ).

I agree with you for the sound (I already said that).
But the problem is the "volume", not the kind of noise.