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There is no doubt that the credit cards have helped, nto as much as paying for the car on time, but thats what my credit history was based off of was my credit cards cause I gradually built credit.....after my bankruptcy I applied for one credit card and got that one and used and paid it wisely for a helped to show that I was responsible after the bankruptcy and just hadnt run up my bills and bankrupted...showing that I pay all my accounts on time, whether it be a car or a credit card is about 10-15% of a FICO score, so it definitely helps, plus debt to credit ratio helps, so if I have two credit cards with XXXX amount of credit on them and no debt that also helps boost the credit, plus length of credit history with those credit cards has helped me, with my longest account being almost 7 years and it is a credit card. I did not do a full bankruptcy, I did the restructuring one and I kept my four wheeler and two credit cards and paid them off as agreed, so I didnt totally destroy all of my credit, I made efforts with Honda and the two credit card companies before the bankruptcy to pay them off instead of fully bankrupting on them...and thats what they want, not to just get screwed completely..some effort is better than none...and they got paid in full

When the BMW rep pulled my credit last time he knew I had bankrupted but he and the manager of the location both sat down with me and said that my history of paying all my accounts on time since the bankruptcy, showed I was being responsible in their eyes and they were willing to work with me a lil more than usual...and like I said I got approved for the 0.9% but could not dish out the money to cover the negative equity that they wanted, so maybe this go round things will be better, I will have a good down payment next month and my negative equity is obviously less than it was, plus my credit has obviously gone up as I have continued to make payments and all are on time, with extra being paid

But thanx for all your responses guys
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