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Originally Posted by smdandb2 View Post
Like I said, I did not want to go in to this because someone always thinks they know better.

So I'm done with this. The chart is there, people can figure the data out on their own.
I agree with you, if you run the turbo melter tune and ruin your turbos then you shouldn't try to cover it up and expect BMW to fix it for free. But I also know that the tunes/mods don't always cause the problems. If your HPFP goes out, that is a known bad part. You take off your mods and yes you should expect BMW to cover it. Sad part is that you have to take your mods off ONLY because BMW will do "wrong" and try to screw you over. So, unfortunately, it goes back to the game we all have to play. In a perfect world everyone would always do the right thing, but anyone whose been around the block a while knows that will only get you sh*t on daily.