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Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
First off the stock horsepower rating is supposed to be 300 at the crank at 5,800RPM, based on dyno tests of the 335i and figuring typical drivetrain losses this engine is actually under rated and probably makes 330 or more horsepower at the crank.

If you're worried about damage to the car, as any sane person would be, and assuming you have the money why not get the Dinan tune? It's covered by their own warranty so you won't live in fear of some catastrophic failure. Compared to the other tunes available, Dinan's is fairly conservative and seems well suited for reliability and longevity while the other tuners seem to be after 1/4 mile times and power to the wheels now. The reliability of the N54 at increased boost is still an unknown since it has only been on the market for two years, it'll be after a few more years after people have dealt with blown turbos, cracked heads, broken rods etc. that we will really know what a safe boost level is.

Tuning is a gamble, it always has been. If you absolutely can not risk damaging your car maybe you should leave it stock, but as long as you understand that it COULD break and possibly cost a lot of money to fix and are able to deal with that possibility then there is a lot of power to be found in this engine.
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