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so. now that i want stick, and enjoy driving it, some new options have been opened up . I drove the e39 m5 today. my. god. that car sounds like a jet. it drives SO well too, tons of power, steering is a LITTLE less communicative than my e90 but not bad. What i was really surprised about was the luxury in that car, everything is so detailed and well done, (stitched dash, chrome unlock knobs on the windows) reminded me of a range rover interior or something. What do you guys the m5 going to be up there with the rs6 on maintinence, somewhere between that and the 330, closer to the 330..? It has about 54k, but a new engine at 38k that still has a warranty. What you think?? (OR should i wait, and get a 335 stick. its going to be a little more $$$ though)