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Horsepower Freaks E46 M3 turbo kit - 533 WHP at 8psi!

It looks like someone is finally getting a turbo to market for the E46 M3. If it's a good as Chris claims it to be then I'm going to strongly consider getting it. Based on what he's seen so far, he's hoping he can get it to outrun his turbo'd Supra that's running 9's right now.

He posted this today on the m3forum.....

I've waited long enough and can't take it anymore. I'm too excited. Since I'm going to post a video of the car in action tomorrow I'll answer your questions.

Yesterday we made 480rwhp (approx 600bhp) at 7psi on the stock motor with a race fuel mix for safety reasons (no NOS or meth - and I think there's probably another 40rwhp at that boost level once we finish tuning timing and vanos). Tomorrow if we can get the car to do full pulls on the dyno I'm going to dial the car in for 15psi and see what it can do. We will not have enough time before Sema to get the true potential of this turbo kit, but I will atleast post up some preliminary results. At that power level the stock fuel pump is sufficient and the stock clutch is still holding.

1) The manifold is a tubular manifold with a merge collector and a T4 flange. Don't ask how we did it, but we made it happen and I believe it is a significant contribution to our #'s. Our kit will accept all Precision turbos from a T61 (this is the one on the car currently) to a Precision 76GTS.
2) No oil draining issues. We switched to an oil pump but I think we may be able to switch back to our original plan which didn't include an oil pump.
3) Those #'s were made with the stock exhaust. We are building an HPF exhaust for this car as well. The kit includes a midpipe which connects the turbo to the exhaust. No welding, cutting or wiring is require for this kit. It is complete bolt up.
4) On this kit the wastegate is open to the atmosphere. There will be an option to route it back in. It sounds really mean (sort of an exotic V8 sound) once the wastegate opens, and I sort of prefer it.
5) We've designed our own intake manifold. The one on our prototype car is fabricated, our production kits will be cast.
6) No MAF is required, simply unplug it and remove it. We're using a MAP sensor, and driveability is flawless.
7) The blow off valve is open to the atmosphere, not recirculated.
8) The injectors are high impedance 750s. At the power level we're at, we're still using the stock fuel pump. We're going to add another inline pump if we start losing fuel pressure.
9) We're going to set the kit up with 3 boost settings. The low boost pump gas setting will be 6psi. This is normal and is the way everyone will get the kit. If you purchase the methanol option, the car will sense any methanol in the tank, will activate the methanol fogger at 3psi and allow the boost to reach 10psi, as well as pull out fuel and add timing while the methanol is spraying. When methanol pressure drops or goes to high (e.g. you run out of methanol or the line gets plugged) the car will revert back to the 6psi settings. If you put race fuel in your car and turn on the race fuel switch, the car will run 14psi and add timing. If race fuel is run and methanol is in the tank the car will still run 14psi but will also pull out fuel to account for the methanol. The #'s we made so far were not done with any methanol.
10) We're using the stock clutch. We have our own line of clutches that are run in many of the fastest Supras and Vipers. We're going to build our own set of clutches for the M3 with the same materials and they will be good to over 1000rwhp.
11) We achieved the boost we targeted (7psi) at 3800rpm. The torque is amazing and doesn't drop all the way to 8000rpm. The T61 spools very very quick and provides a wonderful power delivery. However, because the motor responds so well to turbocharging, I'm going to probably switch to a 67, 70 or 72 in the near future. I personally like lag because it makes the power delivery more fun.
12) Precision T61
13) Yes, once we run 15psi on the stock internals, I'm going to do a head gasket and head studs to drop the compression, and see how much more power we can squeeze out of it. Then we will pull the motor apart again and do pistons and rods. I would prefer to skip the head gasket option but I think many people may want to do that step instead of building their motor. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated?

Playfirst... We should have a good ballpark figure by the end of November. We still have to go through all the parts in the kit and determine what are costs are.

///M3-QTR... Thanks. I'll post up some vids tomorrow.

Darkness M... Thanks. Yea, this M3 will be a Supra killer. At low boost it will smoke nearly every production car ever built. With Vanos techonlogy and the slightly larger displacement than the Supra, I'm hoping to make my M3 faster than my Supra (which easily runs 9's and should run 8's this next race season)

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