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Hello everyone.

New poster, and new BMW owner. Sorry for the bounce of this post, I have a question I couldn't find answered.

I have a 325i, with the premium/sport/cold weather package. I'm trying to install a BMW Sirius OEM receiver. This is a great post, has everything I need to do it correctly. I have just one problem:

In the PDF file included here, in step 1 the instructions say to 'locate the Sirius Antenna and power/MOST connectors.'

I can find them anywhere. I have what looks like a motorola bluetooth device that is bolted down next to where the Sirius receiver is going to go, but I can't seem to find those two connectors. There are several cables from the MOST setup that connect to this bluetooth device.

Are they typically hidden somewhere underneath the trunk upholstery, or...? If anyone has any ideas would love to hear them.

Thanks all in advance for any insight.