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you should start a new thread on your experience with Bimmerproformancestore, as this one is specifically about
Originally Posted by slammedbimmer
Yes, we do need a feedback thread, heres my bad experience:
I ordered an AFE intake on the 30th of September from Bimmerproformancestore, a couple days later I recieved an email saying it was unshipped. No problem, I thought, its probably just out of stock. Strangely, there was a button that said reorder. Hmm, I thought, I don’t need two and if I needed to reorder just because they were out of stock, that would be wierd. Plus I would risk the possibility of buying two. At over $400 a piece from an intake that gives minimum gains to start with, $800+ is way too much. I might as well have ordered the GruppeM. So confused, I emailed them and asked them the response. I waited a couple days and emailed again... no response.. I called only to get the answering machine so I left a message. They did not care to contact me. Once again, I emailed them and no response so I called again and they still had no concern to contact me. I emailed them again but still they did not respond. So the other day, I emailed them for the last time to tell them that as a result of their very poor customer service, they have lost a customer and thousands of dollars as a result of that!! Today I ordered my AFE from Bavauto. I mean seriously, if we plan to spend upwards of $5000 to modify our BMWs, don’t you agree that the company should at least give a damn to take care of its customers?? This one has clearly proven otherwise! I can imagine that hitting the delete button on all my emails took effort for them to do so I strongly would recommend to anyone not to trust a performance shop (poorformance shop) like this one!
In my last email, i told them that i would let the forum know about this and "amazingly" the next day i got an email kissing my butt with apologies!