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Originally Posted by AlanQS View Post
Matt, are you getting the bass rubbing on radio, CD, or MP3 CD? Do. for the tweeter.

Try giving the tweeter triangle a bash in case it's not sitting right.

Next question, what settings do you have treble and bass at? I have treble at 2 and bass at 4. 4 is a bit much for bass if I have a loud source (MP3 tracks vary in their sound level I find). I have it at 4 because I don't usually play it that loudly but if I play a loud track at high volume, 4 is too much for the subs.
Hi Alan, glad to hear you made it back up North after I broke out the whiskeys the other night

Ok mate I will bash away and see whats happening there - I had planned to take the whole door card apart at some point so that might do the trick as well. As I do have the polystyrene inserts, I suppose it might be buzzing a bit or something?

I have tried with your settings mate, for my preference its more like 4 treble and 6 bass - but I have tried it with the bass and treble all the way down and it makes no difference - the only thing which helps is turning down the overall volume. Some basslines/treble just seems to disagree with it.

The bass is a bit weird - its more like the cone is touching the plastic protector, or another thing is vibrating - maybe like the wiring we put back in is touching something or whatever...

Its very odd, but it all happens at volumes much lower than the original one used to work at.

Robbie - I am in Leeds mate, I would be more than happy to meet up with you to show the system in action, but as you can see - I have some teething problems for now.