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Originally Posted by FrankoQ View Post
It depends on the amount of albums the ipod has.
I suspect it will take longer to load all the albums first and then scroll to select the one you want.

I prefer playlists. I have about 200 in my ipod and they load in a few seconds.
Each playlist has about 50 songs.

My guess is No.
As I understand, when the car gets coded for a new component, the components needs to be there.
You can install the hardware first and then take it in for coding.
The original instructions call for a flash then hardware, then software update.
But you don't have to do that anymore.
I have the ipod integration but when I go to look at my playlists I can only see five and cant scroll past the fifth because if you click the fifth (which would normally load two more) it just opens up that playlist. Can anyone tell me how to see more playlists??

Also what does the Scan feature mean?

Thanks for any help guys.