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HELP! Completely lost in the Product Maze

I thought I had a handle on things and then the company shipping me the polishes, etc., sent me the wrong stuff. Now I am trying to fill out the bill using local suppliers.

Here is my problem: 2007 Black Saphire with swirl marks throughout and some abrasions (prior owner did not care for the paint at all), but nothing that you can feel to the touch.

Here is what I was going to do:

1. Wash
2. Clay
3. Remove Swirls/abrasions (pneumatic PC Orbital w/fine cut pad)
4. Finish Polish (orbital w/finish cut pad)
5. Seal (orbital w/ glaze/sealant pad)
6. Wax (2 days later) (hand)

I have the products and process down on steps 1 & 2. Step 3, I was mistakenly sent Meguire's 105 (I asked for 205 and was going to use a 3M swirl remover instead). First question, is 105 too abrasive for my problems?

My next problem is that I was going to use the 205 as the finish polish. So, what I am looking for is something to use after the 105 (providing 105 is not too aggressive). Unfortunately, I don't have time to wait to swap out the products and am left to local suppliers. The only good products available to me are the 3M line, so what would I use after the 105 (assuming the 105 is the correct starting point). In the alternative, if 105 is too aggressive, what 3M products should I try instead?

Lastly, I am applying Klasse SG. How long after it is applied to I have to wait before putting on a Carnuba Wax?

Thank you VERY much in advance.