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Originally Posted by ThreeThirtyEye
matsarge, you are insane if you get this kit!

With 15lbs of boost and no MAF, you got yourself monster power and practicality on on package.

You make me jealous, once again.
Thanks but I wouldn't be totally insane, just slightly insane.

Based on where they are right now, these are est.(very rough) times for something with the current output. He's going to have to double the HP to get into the 8-9 sec. range w/ the car at that weight. When he turns the boost up to 15psi, this is liable to be a sub 3 sec. 0-60 - low 10 sec. 1/4 mile machine.

Crazy stuff, an E46 M3 with this setup is going to destroy just about anything in it's path.

Power at Flywheel (BHP) : 655
Weight without Driver (KG) : 1570
Power to Weight Ratio (BHP Per Ton) : 423.89
0 - 60 (Secs) : 3.42
0 - 100 (Secs) : 6.55
60 - 100 (Secs) : 3.13
Quarter Mile (Secs) : 11.36
Terminal Speed (MPH) : 132.27
Drag Strip Quarter Mile (Secs) : 11.26
Drag Strip Terminal Speed (MPH) : 133.74

Check out Chris's latest updates, w/ videos......

520rwhp - 400ft-lbs at 8psi.

We were able to figure out some things and get a couple more pulls on the dyno today. We turned the boost up one more pound to 8psi and made 520rwhp, 400ft-lbs. We still have a LOT more tuning to do, and we're going to run a LOT more boost.

Here's a video of our M3 on the dyno during one of the pulls.

Here's a video inside the cabin during a subsequent pull. You can see the nice gauge pod with UEGO wide-band and Boost gauge that will be included with every kit.

New update. The last dyno was 533rwhp.

Yes that is our turbo kit on a completely stock M3, stock engine, stock exhaust. The BOV we use is a Tial, it's the best BOV on the market and makes a bit less noise than the rest as it opens all the way around. We may be able to here it on the street, but I'm not sure yet we'll see. I will try to get some street action before we leave.

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