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Originally Posted by jopa489 View Post
This happens more often than most people would think. These cars travel a lot of distance from final assembly point to point of sale. Unfortunately, it is perfectly legal for dealers to conceal or fix any damage to a new car and sell it as brand new, without disclosure to the buyer.

But I think that's somewhat irrelevant in your case. It looks like whatever happened (be it a repaint repair or something from the factory), this shouldn't be happening - especially in more than one place. I can understand BMWNA not caring much if it's only one location (they can pass that off as road wear easily), but two locations and you have a legitimate argument.

The odds of two rocks hitting the paint in exactly the right way to affect just the clear coat is astronomically high. Stop by when your dealer asks and see what they will do. If that doesn't work, it may be time to give BMWNA one last try (offer to send them pictures directly) then consult a lawyer.
Yup I knew. But it's something the OP needs to ask (ask, not accuse btw). I had to deal with something similar at work and even though it's within tolerances, you'll want to follow up on because of future problems. At least get something back to cover the costs of future repaints. The clear issue is about consistency.