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AUTO DETAILING 101---Quick Reference List

I had been searching for a definitive guide on auto detailing that was presented in simplified form. All over the internet you can find great resources as to how to properly detail your vehicle, but none seemed to have a quick list I could print out and hang in my garage for reference. So I created this one... It may not be perfect, but hopefully somebody can find it helpful. Some of you professional detailers may want to add, subtract or amend the list. Either way, I thought I might share it on E90 Post for anyone who may be interested...Once you get a grasp on how to properly handle the job and what you'll need product and equipment-wise, you really just need to know the steps so you don't overlook anything, or make more work for yourself than is necessary. I think this 25 step guide may be of some assistance...


1. Shampoo or Apply Upholstery Cleaner to Carpets & Floor Mats
2. Vacuum Floor Mats, Carpets & Trunk Compartment
3. Clean & Condition Leather w/ Quality Leather Products
4. Spray Air Vents w/ Light Spray Protectant
5. Detail Interior Surfaces w/ Dressing or Protectant
6. Clean Interior Glass w/ Auto-Glass Cleaner
7. Remove Leaves & Debris from Engine Compartment
8. With Engine Warm, Cover Electrical Components & Spark Plugs
9. Apply Engine Degreaser to Engine Compartment. Where Safe…
10. Brush Grease & Persistent Debris From Engine Compartment
11. Rinse Engine Area Thoroughly,Towel Dry and Apply Dressing. Start Engine Now…
12. Remove Road Tar & Bug Debris w/ Remover Products
13. Detail Undercarriage w/ Inexpensive Dressing or Protectant
14. Clay Bar Detail Paint Surfaces w/ Lubricating Detailer’s Mist
15. Repair Scratches, Nicks, & Paint Damage
16. Quick Clean w/Detailer’s Mist or Wash Car Again
17. Clean Door Jambs w/ Detailer’s Mist & Dressing
18. Apply Glaze/Polish- Orbital Buffer is Preferred Method of Application
19. Remove Glaze or Polish w/ Clean Cotton or Micro-Fiber Towel
20. Apply Natural Carnauba Wax by Hand w/Micro-Fiber Pad
21. Remove Wax Completely (Skip Steps 20 & 21 if desired or w/Nanowax)
22. Polish Wheels & Chrome Parts w/ Polish & Chrome Polish
23. Apply High Quality Tire Dressing to Tires
24. Remove Wheel Polish w/ Micro-Fiber Cloth
25. Hand Buff Entire Vehicle w/ Clean Micro-Fiber Cloths

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