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Originally Posted by jewishcubbiesfan View Post
I have been reading these boards for quite some time and since owning a BMW and wanting to get a new camera, I thought this would be the place to come. I have done countless searches, read reviews from other websites and I am wanting the forum's thoughts on the Nikon D90. I don't know too much about photography, but thought the D90 (from what I have read) would be a good camera to start. I thought about the D60, but everyone and every website says the D90 has much more capability, etc. Can anyone give me some honest feedback about the D90? Any particular website dedicated to information and what all the terminology is?

Any recommended books I could buy as well?

Thanks in advance.
I guess you didn't follow the boards that well ... WRONG SECTION!!


Anyways I don't know much about photography but from what I heard the Canon is really user friendly