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Originally Posted by scollins View Post
Heh, I bought the Medium Black/Olive at Glazer's, and I like it. My one major complaint is the weight of this thing. But the Medium was necessary to fit my laptops. The Small just wouldn't work at all.

So far, the Tenba has been to Anchorage and Honolulu. With just the following, it weighs in at 25 lbs...
D300 body with MB-D10 grip (2 en-el3e batteries)
18-200 VR lens
SB-600 flash (12 AA batteries total)
Lenovo Thinkpad
Laptop power adapter
various battery chargers
Garmin Nuvi 750
The small misc. stuff that makes its way into your bag....

In all, NOT a lot of stuff, but a lot of weight. I think the bag empty weighs almost 10 lbs.
The weight of the bag itself is also a problem for me. It comes from the padding of the bag; at least I know that weight is doing some good like protecting my camera!